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Thank you for your interest in Bars and More Hospitality Staffing.

Cooking Lesson

Learn the secrets of successful flavor combinations! Here, you will learn to make sense of your sense of taste. With stronger olfactory awareness, you can become a creative cook inspired by your own palate instead of following recipes to the letter.

We'll teach you the art of tweaking the five basic tastes—salty, sweet, bitter, sour and umami. We’ll also teach you how to use herbs, spices, oils, vinegar, and other aromatic ingredients to create a rich tapestry of cuisine limited only by your imagination.

Cocktail Lesson 

Whether you've experience behind a bar or just starting to understand the difference between shaking and stirring a drink, this lesson is for you. In this class, you'll receive a solid foundation in the composition and balance of cocktails.

We’ll teach you how to make a cocktail everyone will love. We offer private classes. Please call us for booking information. 

Bartending Class

This is a 16-hour course where you can learn all the basics, such as tools, terminologies, mixing, crafting, speed, and accuracy. We will teach you the top 20 drinks, laws, and more. Each sign-up will include a free bartending tool. Day and evening sessions are available.

What Are Included: 

  • Diploma

  • Mimosas

  • Snacks

  • Class Supplies

  • What Is Needed to Make Real Drinks

  • Bartending Book

  • 20 Recipes

  • Lessons on How to Make Drinks

  • Speed Drills

  • Customer Service

  • Uselling Technique

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